Ask a Question

Writing is a one way street. The written word limits interaction, feedback, and the opportunity to learn from others. There’s no opportunity for give and take, no questions that force us to rethink and revise.

Reading is also one-way street. My books and kindle app are filled with comments and ideas that the authors will never see. Their words and ideas are fixed and unchanging, my questions and suggestions will remain unread.

When I was teaching online, I found there was an easier flow when responding to student’s question than when writing to an imaginary reader. I look forward to regaining this flow in response to your questions and comments.

The text of your question (possibly edited for clarity) will be listed along with my response and organized by categories. Please check the box that most closely matches the category where your question fits or suggest a new category. If there are more questions than time, I will select those that seem likely to most benefit other readers.

Your interest and curiosity are much appreciated. Thank you.


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