Essential Components of a Healthy and Fulfilling Life: Introduction

I have been working on discerning and fine tuning the core components of what was effective in my work in counseling, teaching, and community organizing for almost fifty years.* Thus far, I have narrowed it down to four components that appear to be necessary for a healthy and fulfilling life:


They sum up what was missing when people sought counseling and what was restored when they were consistently moving in a healthy direction. I believe most of the problems we face today can be traced to a lack of these essential components. These components form the essential steps to bring truth to fear. I have adapted of these four components in outlining the essential components of relationships and written a short essay applying them to resilience.

The essential components are illustrated graphically in order to show how they relate to each other and the sub-components. The Core Functions of Balance are described in an essay with links links to text and videos that provide further explanation of how and why they work. Core functions within Awareness, Truth, and Belonging will be posted in the near future.

Essential Components – Graphic Overview

Essential Components – How It Works

Essential Components – What Goes Wrong

Essential Components – What Works

Core Concepts – Balance

*Dr. Ralph Lewis at Michigan State University guided me in this effort for over 20 years

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