How the Site is Organized

The first two items on the top menu, Understanding Fear and Discovering Truth, summarize what I have learned about fear and truth in over forty years of counseling and teaching people who were struggling with those concerns. The next item, Essentials, provides a summary of what I have found to be the core principles for a healthy and fulfilling life. They summarize what was missing when people came to counseling and what had been restored when they completed therapy.

There is a second menu found by clicking on “More” that describes conditions and difficulties that are strongly influenced by fear and distortion of the truth. These include: Anger, Anxiety, Balance, Depression, Loss, Racism, Sleep, Stress, Transitions, Trauma, and Worry. Many of these items include videos that were made when I was teaching online at Lansing Community College.

Questions on the main menu provide a place for you to ask questions about specific concerns that may not be covered by topics currently on the website. We will choose one question at a time based on what seems to be most helpful to the most people and write or record and post a response. All questions may not receive a response. Sending a question implies that you have no reservations about that question being posted to the website. Names will not be listed with questions that receive a response.

Additional material and menu items will be added when they are available. Videos are or will be available for most topics and relevant chapters from my earlier book, Slow Down and Lighten Up, are free to download.

This website, like life, is a work in progress. It’s a summary of what I have learned and what has been consistently effective in helping thousands of students and patients I have been honored to work with over the past forty plus years. My hope is that this information will help you to understand and work through fear and develop habits of discerning what is true, relevant and meaningful.

Feedback, input and comments are much appreciated. Please complete the form under Contact to send your thoughts and suggestions. There is a lot of material that has not yet been posted. This site will be updated on a regular basis as I sort through previous work and develop new material. Please visit our Facebook page at:

Please share this information with anyone who you believe may benefit from it. It is protected by copyright because parts will be used in books that I plan to publish in the near future. Please contact me for permission if you plan to use extensive quotes in your own copyrighted work or if you will earn a profit from this material.